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Spessart Oak Wood Veneer

Spessart OakThis veneer is often called French oak but that name refers to a wide array of similar white oaks found in the region. The best of these oak veneers are named Spessart because they come directly from the meticulosly managed Spessart Forest in Bavaria Germany where the trees are harvested after more than 200 years of growth. Each year, one auction is held for these exceptional logs. It's been said that those present at this auction represent the best veneer and lumber suppliers in the world.

Common Name:
  French Oak, German Oak, European Oak, Welsh Oak, Cornish Oak
Scientific Name:
  Quercus petraea
  Golden brown to tan
  Spessart Forest in Bavaria Germany
  Primarily hard
  Coarse but very clear texture
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:   The word Spessart comes from "Spechtshardt". Specht is the German word for "woodpecker" and Hardt is German for "forest" and was given because of the variety of woodpeckers found in the Spessart area including black, great spotted, middle spotted, green and grey-faced.

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