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Padauk Wood Veneer

This listing of veneer consists of both Padauk VeneerPadauk and Narra. Padauk is the red to reddish-orange veneer shown below. The warmer orange pictures below are Narra veneers from the Philippines.  Both are gorgeous species that look outstanding with a clear finish. I've seen Padauk used as accents within a project but the best look is a full Padauk project with accents in a dark, coarse grain exotic such are Wenge or Ziricote.

Looking for large sheets of this species? We also offer it in AA grade paper-backed veneer which can be applied with contact cement or any other veneer adhesive.

Common Name:
  Padauk, African Padouk, Narra, Maidou, African Corail
Scientific Name:
  Pterocarpus soyauxiiindicus
  Orange to deep reddish with occasional purple tones
  Africa, southeastern Asia, southernmost China, Indonesia, Malaysia
  Primarily hard
  Coarse texture with interlocked grain
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:
  Padauk is the long wood name of the tree that also grows the highly sought-after amboyna burl.

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I've found that iPhones and iPads display reasonably accurate colors of our veneer photos.
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