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Ipe Wood Veneer

Ipé Wood VeneerThere are few woods that have the beautiful dark green color of Ipé. This species is known for being exceptionally difficult to use as lumber, but it's considerably easier as veneer. Ipé veneer is known for its use in high-end furniture but we've seen it used on audiofile-grade stereo speakers, dining room buffets, and interior automobile panels. We now have some highly figured Ipé veneer in the list below and it is just gorgeous!

Common Name:
  Ipé, Brazilian Walnut, Epay, Guayacan, Ironwood, Pau D'arco, Lapacho
Scientific Name:
  Handroanthus lapacho or Handroanthus guayacan (and others)
  Reddish brown to dark olive green
  Central and South America (particularly Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia)
  Very hard
  Accepts stains and finishes with some caveats
Interesting Facts:
  I've found references to Ipé where it is referred to as "Ironwood" which is not surprising since it is one of the hardest woods in the world and because it supposedly has a Class A fire rating; the same rating given to steel. Though this wood is often referred to as Brazilian Walnut, it is not a member of the Walnut family.

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