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Ambrosia Maple Wood Veneer

Ambrosia MapleThese ambrosia maple wood veneer sheets have a unique and stunning pattern in the grain which is caused by the Ambrosia beetle which bores small homes into the tree and introduces two different fungi. The first fungus (called Ambrosia fungus) lines the walls of the tunnel bored by the bug and becomes its food. The second fungus is what creates the amazing colors in the grain.

Ambrosia maple veneer samples are now available.

Common Name:
Scientific Name:
  Acer saccharum
  Cream and tan, with some black, blue, purple, and dark brown
  North America
  Typically a softer wood
  Fine, closed pore
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Tip from Joe:

Several customers have used this veneer to make custom lamp shades and the results were outstanding. The worm holes made a perforated look that allow random beams of light to shine through.