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Quilted Afzelia Wood Veneer

Quilted Apa VeneerThese quilted Afzelia wood veneer sheets are unique and quite beautiful. I've only seen this once before but could not manage to buy any of it. When I inquired, the log buyer said he had found some a long time ago and none since then. He called it the rarest of the rare. Of course, I begged him to sell some to me but there was nothing available.

A few years passed and I visited this supplier again. Luckily he had found some bundles and saved them for me (and you!). It is also known as Doussier, pronounced 'doo-see-aye' and it is just mesmerizing. The vein lines are strong and deep and the color is similar to old-school genuine mahogany.

Common Name:
  Apa, Doussier, Doussié, Doussi, Lenke, Lengue
Scientific Name:
  Afzelia quanzensis
  Warm orange with dark vein lines
  East & West Africa (Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mozambique)
  Moderate hardness
  Medium texture with interlocked grain
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:   A mature tree in this species grows to 65 feet or more. The tree is coveted not only for the wood but also for its bark which is used for medicinal purposes.

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