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Marbled Macassar Ebony Wood Veneer

Macassar Marble Ebony Wood VeneerThis category of "marble" figure ebony has a breath-taking arrangement of light and dark streaks that few other wood veneers can match. You don't have to be a woodworker to see the beauty in this kind of ebony. The grain patterns and range of colors in these ebony wood veneer sheets are outstanding. Even with a basic oil-based finish, this exotic has a remarkable look that few can resist.

Large ebony veneers wood veneer sheets are becoming nearly impossible to find because the trees are often harvested regardless of size.

Common Name:
  Ebony, Macassar, Calamander, Marblewood, Indian Ebony, Coromandel
Scientific Name:
  Diospyros celebica
  Black with dark brown to orange-brown streaks
  Celebes Islands in the East Indies
  Very hard
  Fine grain, closed pore
  Readily accepts stains and finishes

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