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Beech Wood Veneer

Beech VeneerThough very popular in the early and mid 1990's, ordinary straight-grain beech has largely been ignored by most woodworkers and cabinet makers. We're proud to offer something a little different. This quilted beech has a striking pattern of rolling waves. Whenever we ship a sheet of this species, we stand in front of it rubbing our eyes trying to focus and figure out the pattern of quilt.

Common Name:
  Beech (though it is often erroneously called Norway Maple)
Scientific Name:
  Fagus sylvatica
  Buttery yellow to tan
  Sweden, Norway, Italy, southern England, Spain, and France
  Smooth, fine grain
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:  

The European beech is a deciduous tree that can grow to 60 feet tall with a foliage girth of 50 feet! Another tidbit... the beech tree hosts ectomycorrhizal fungi on its roots which assist in the absorbtion and uptake of water and nutrients from the soil.

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I've found that iPhones and iPads display reasonably accurate colors of our veneer photos.
Rendering variations on some computer monitors can cause our pictures to appear different from the actual veneer.