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Aromatic Cedar Wood Veneer

Aromatic Cedar Wood VeneerAromatic cedar is often used to line closets and chests to prevent insect damage. The sweet smell of cedar is unmistakable. It also has a somewhat random grain which makes it ideal for marquetry. This Easter Red Cedar tree is a slow growing coniferous evergreen that often does not grow beyond the height of an ordinary bush. Because of this and its tendency to develop branches in all directions, lumber and veneer is often short and knotty.

Common Name:
  Eastern Red Cedar, Virginian Juniper, Red Juniper, Pencil Cedar
Scientific Name:
  Juniperus virginiana
  Mostly red with hints of orange and occasional purple with creamy white sapwood
  Eastern USA
  Smooth and fine texture with frequent knotty areas
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Please Note:   Expect mild to moderate splitting many of these veneers... especially at the ends of the sheets. Knots in cedar veneer are often "loose" and will crumble and pop out prior to shipping.