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Amara Ebony Wood Veneer

Amara Ebony VeneerThis is a very prestigious veneer with the classic ebony striping. The key difference is that Amara ebony has a hint of pink or red in the lighter stripes and so it makes a great companion with other red and salmon colored veneers like cherry. Despite the difference in color, Amara is the same species as Macassar. It simply develops with a different color due to the soil and environmental conditions found on the Indonesian islands.

Common Name:
  Amara, Amarra, Red Ebony, Pink Ebony
Scientific Name:
  Diospyros celebica
  Dark brown with pale pink lighter stripes
  Indonesia: Sulawes, Moluccas, and Celebes Islands
  Very hard but easy to work with
  Fine grain, closed pore
  Readily accepts stains and finishes

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