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Paper-Backed Veneer

Table with Paper-Backed VeneerYes, this is real wood! Each is made from sequential sheets of wood veneer selected for outstanding character and figure. These veneers are then permanently bonded to a resin-saturated paper backing which allows maximum flexibility. From architectural woodwork for office and residential furniture to store fixtures, kitchen cabinets, automotive dashboards, Hi-Fi stereo speakers, and more, no other veneer has such as wide range of uses. Nothing compares to the natural elegance of our paper-backed veneers.

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Quick-Ship Premium Veneers Now Available
The veneer sheets in the categories below are typically made-to-order and have production lead times ranging from 2 to 11 business days. However, we now offer a wide array of in-stock premium grade veneers. We have these veneers on hand and they are ready for immediate shipment. Order before 12pm EST and your veneer will be sent out on the same business day!