The Match-Maker™ veneer lay out tool allows you to visualize the millions of patterns that can be created with two or four sheets of any burl or crotch veneer.

Step 1 (optional)
Advanced users can rotate the image to select a highly specific area for layout. Skip this step if you are new to using the Match-Maker software.
Degree of Rotation:    

Step 2
Select the area to visualize by clicking anywhere on the image. Hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse to create and expand the selection area. Click on any side of the box to change the selection area. Avoid selecting any area outside of the veneer.

Step 3
A book match pattern requires two sequential sheets of veneer to make the lay out shown by the Match-Maker software. A quad-match pattern requires four sequential sheets of veneer.

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Click the button below to see what you can create with this veneer.

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Disclaimer: The images created by the Match-Maker software are rough approximations and are not intended to fully represent the actual patterns that may be achievable with any given veneer.