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Wood Veneer Sample
8" x 10"





Product Description

Choose from more than 100 different types of veneer!

Our samples allow you to get your hands on some of the veneer species we offer. Please note that some species of trees have a great deal of variation in grain and color. These samples are generated from excess stock and are not intended to represent exactly what you might receive in a full size veneer.

First Class Mail Shipping: Only $2.60   (USA only)


  • Pricing shown is per sample
  • Size is approximately 8" x 10"
  • Thickness is approximately 1/42"
  • Samples are non-returnable

Sample Definitions

  • "RW" - Raw wood veneer
  • "PB" - 10 mil Paperbacked veneer
  • "PB20" - 20 mil Paperbacked veneer
  • "PF" - 10 mil Paperbacked veneer with a semi-gloss lacquer finish (+$4.00)
  • "PSA" - Paperbacked veneer with pressure sensitive adhesive backing (+$1.50)
  • "2P" - Two Ply veneer
  • "FL" - Fleece backed veneer
  • "RC" - Reconstituted (man-made) veneer with a paper backing
  • "$" - Premium species upcharge of $1.50 - $2.00

The veneers shown here are the only samples we offer. If it's not listed here then it is species/grain/backer that we do not currently offer as a sample.

* A handling charge of $2.99 is applied to all orders under $50

Can I get samples of veneers that are not listed on this page?
Unfortunately, the veneers shown here are the only samples I offer. This list does change from time to time though. We add new samples as they become available. If it's not listed on this page, than it is species/grain/backer that I do not currently offer.

Why can't I order a sample of the exact veneer# on your website?
There is a limited number of sheets in each bundle of veneer offered on our site. We can not pull a sheet from a veneer bundle to send as a sample because it would create inaccuracies in the listed sheet count.

But other companies offer actual samples of the exact veneer, don't they?
Other companies may own the whole log. I only buy the best bundles from the log and so I don't have any to give away as samples.

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