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Vacuum Speed Control Valve
1/4" NPT Bleeder Valve





Product Description

This brass component is used on non-cycling (contiunous-run) systems to control vacuum pressure by T-ing off the vacuum port of the pump. Alternatively, it can be placed on the exhaust side of the pump to control the speed of air flow through the pump housing. This is an excellent way to bring down the vacuum pressure from high power pumps.

This adjustment is also helpful for users who are vacuum pressing fragile assemblies that require less pressure. Simply use the metering screw to dial in the level of vacuum your project calls for.

Slightly loosen the locking nut on the bleeder valve and adjust the metering screw until you have reached the desired vacuum level for vacuum clamping. To increase the vacuum pressure, turn the metering screw clockwise.

Thread: 1/4" NPT
Filtration: Built-in 40 Micron Filter

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