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Vacuum Gasket Tape
For Frame Presses
3/8" x 1/4" x 39'





Product Description

With the help of a fellow woodworker, I've found the OEM source for the most incredible vacuum sealing tape available. This is not a knock-off. This is the same high density on-board gasketing tape included with dedicated high-end industrial vacuum clamping systems such as those from ShopBot, C.R. Onsrud and Holtzer.

The tape is coated on one side with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The foam's 1/4" (0.25") thickness assures conformability to a wide range of substrates and its 3/8" width allows a tighter radius for small parts from the substrate on your CNC router or vacuum clamping/templating jig.

What Is it Used For?
If you are making your own vacuum frame press, this is tape that is used to seal the frame to your workbench. Here are some of the benefits of using a frame press instead of a vacuum bag.

  • Large projects can be pressed without assistance from a helper.
  • Multiple small projects can be pressed at the same time (provided you prepare the projects quickly).
  • With a frame press, there is little worry of shifting the veneer on the work piece which is a common nuisance using a traditional vacuum bag.


  • Closed cell foam gives this tape greater abrasion resistance.
  • The self-stick adhesive system allows the gasketing to be easily applied to virtually any sound jig material.
  • Extra thickness helps to create a quick and positive seal on shop-made vacuum frame presses.
  • This tape offers the lowest compression set of any tape available. This simply means that it will return to its original size after each clamping operation.

Technical Data

  • Gasketing Substrate: PVC
  • Hardness (Shore 00): 50
  • Tensile Strength: 80
  • Elongation: 150"
  • Compression set: 4
  • Width: 3/8"
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Length: 39 ft.

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