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Vacuum Controller
1/8" NPT



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Product Description

One of the most critical components you will need for the vacuum system is the vacuum controller. The device measures vacuum inside of the reservoir. It turns the vacuum pump on when the vacuum inside the tank drops below a given level and turns the vacuum source off when the correct amount of vacuum is reached.

  Type 1   Type 2
10.5" to 28" of Hg   2" to 10" of Hg
Response Time 25 msec   25 msec
Thread 1/8" NPT   1/8" NPT
Differential 2 to 5" of Hg   2 to 4" of Hg
Contact Rating 10 amps at 120v AC
15 amps at 240v AC*
3 amps at 12v DC
  10 amps at 120v AC
15 amps at 240v AC*
3 amps at 12v DC
Relay Required Yes if the start-up amperage on vacuum pump exceeds the contact ratings shown above.   Yes if the start-up amperage on vacuum pump exceeds the contact ratings shown above.
Damper Required For vacuum sources over 4 CFM   For vacuum all sources

Part Number V510028PMB8510A

Important Notes
I highly advise against purchasing a vacuum controller as the only component for making a vacuum pump cycle on and off. Instead, use the Project: EVS vacuum press kit which allows the pump to reliably, properly, and safely release the back-pressure from the pump when it cycles off. The Project: EVS kit is designed to protect the vacuum pump from stalling and over-heating. I offer no warranty whatsoever on this vacuum controller if it is used outside of the scope described here.

To mount the vacuum switch remotely, a connecting brass fitting is also available.

If you are using a rotary vane vacuum pump, you must use a relay. Rotary vane pumps draw up to 3 times more amperage at startup than the name-plate shows. Most rotary vane pumps draw 6+ amps while running. This equals 18+ amps at startup which is too much for the vacuum controller to handle on its own.

*Please note that due to liability reasons we do not offer any support for 240v AC. I can not provide assistance, instructions, or diagrams for building a high voltage system. Please a certified electrician before purchasing and/or building a 240v system.

What is the difference between the Type 1 and Type 2 vacuum controller?
The most important difference is the range of adjustment. The type 1 unit is what comes with the V2 and EVS vacuum press kits. It allows a high level of vacuum to be applied before shutoff. The Type 2 vacuum controller is better suited to model builders who need less vacuum for their projects and a smaller differential range.

Which version of the vacuum controller comes with the vacuum press kits?
The Type 1 is the vacuum controller that is included in the kits.

Product Reviews

  1. Review from North Kingstown, RI

    Review by Brian Sperlongano

    Works 100% as advertised. My only gripe is that the unit is made out of plastic, and if you're not careful when tightening that NPT mount, it's not too hard to shear it right off. However, I've not been able to find a vacuum switch with a metal connector for a reasonable price.

  2. Review from Spokane, WA

    Review by Pat Hudgens

    Bought the whole system form Joe except the pump which I already owned. Takes some time but easy to assemble. Works great. Thanks for the thorough instructions.

  3. Review from Middleton, Wisconsin

    Review by David Lorentzen

    This is so nice. I build fiberglass composite vacuum bagged wings for my RC sailplanes. Before adding this switch, I had to babysit my the vacuum on my projects for several hours while the epoxy cured. Now I can go to bed! The directions were simple to follow and the system worked the first time I threw the switch. I also got the relay, and maybe didn't needed it -- but for $20 it's good security.

  4. Reliable but watch the amps!

    Review by Frank Gilmore Jr.

    If you've got a big pump, get the relay. I burnt up my controller quickly because I didnt heed the advice shown on this website. The owner of the site helped me figure out my stupidity and I ordered a new one with a relay. There have been no problems since then. Take it from me, it doesnt pay to overlook the details.

  5. Works Like A Dream

    Review by Mark Caccamo

    I followed the instructions and built my own press using this device as the controller. It installs easily and works like a dream.

  6. Our Vacuum Press Runs Great

    Review by Bonnie Watts

    Finally! Someone who knows what they're talking about! This vacuum controller runs my vacuum system that I use for veneering exotic woods to baltic birch plywood which is then scroll sawn and sold at conventions and home interior parties. Our vacuum press runs great thanks to the instructions on this website.

  7. Great Item

    Review by John Watts

    Great item. Works perfectly and was easy to mount and adjust.

  8. Everything Went Smooth

    Review by Carrol Feinman

    My friend and I built the vacuum press last night with a bunch of parts from this website. Everything went smooth and the press was ready to go this morning. We built a 2 foot by 4 foot bag and did a test run with the press. After a minute or two of adjustment, the vacuum was doing its thing just as we hoped it would. We are going to try vacuuming a veneer tomorrow! I cant wait to see how it turns out. So good! Thank you.

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