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Ultra-CAT™ PPR Veneer Glue





Product Description

logo-ultracat.gifUltra-CAT™ is a high-solid content, plastic powdered resin veneer glue with an extra long open time developed using catalyzed adhesive technology. This adhesive cures rock-hard and leaves a glue line that withstands heat and moisture. Ultra-CAT is highly sand-able and works particularly well with wood types that are prone to bleed-through such as burls and open-pore woods.

Ultra-CAT, a derivative of Cascamite, has a non-evaporative curing process which eliminates 'veneer creep' caused by seasonal humidity changes so joint/seam lines never separate. Ultra-CAT glue will permanently lock-in the form of curved and contoured veneer projects making it ideal for all custom furniture projects and bent laminations.

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Recommended Uses:

- Acoustic drum construction
- Exterior wood projects
- Curved veneer projects
- Skateboard building
- Model aircraft construction
- General purpose wood gluing
- Crotch grain and other unruly veneers
- Veneering with thicker (shop sawn) wood veneers
- Veneer projects that requires high heat and moisture resistance


  • Extra Value: One container makes approximately 1 gallon of adhesive.
  • Convenience: Mix as little or as much glue as needed for your project.
  • Superb Consistency: The high solid content of Ultra-CAT reduces adhesive bleed-through and maximizes durability.
  • Unsurpassed Bond Strength: Type II moisture and heat resistance allows veneers to be used in unconventional environments.
  • Minimized Spring-Back: Non-evaporative curing process leaves an extremely rigid glue line that practically eliminates spring-back on bent laminations.
  • Extra-Long Open Time: Up to 30 minutes under normal conditions and up to 45 minutes in colder shop environments.
  • Usable Wood Tone: Ultra-CAT is tinted to match most medium to dark wood species.
  • Long Shelf Life: When stored properly this adhesive has a 12 month shelf life.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Brushes and rollers can be cleaned with water (while glue is wet).
  • Outstanding Sand-Ability: Ultra-CAT will not soften and gum-up sandpaper.

Pricing: 5 lb Pail - $24.95          25 lb Bucket - $79.90

Coverage: 200 to 250 square feet per 5 lbs of powdered adhesive

Shelf Life: 12 months

Minimum Use Temp: 70° F

Curing Time: Full cure in 4 to 6 hours at 70° F

Speed Curing: Some vacuum press users have placed a heating blanket (set on 'low') over the vacuum bag while the project is being pressed to accelerate the curing of the Ultra-CAT adhesive. Curing time can be reduced to 2 hours with this method!

Optional: Ultra-CAT Lightening Agent
pg-ultracat-lightener-s.jpgSimply add this highly effective powder to Ultra-CAT to dramatically lighten the glue-line color. Ideal for maple, sycamore, ash, and other light woods where a dark glue line would be unacceptable. The powder is inert and has absolutely no effect on the quality of the bond.

Powdered lightener is most often combined with Ultra-CAT™ adhesive when used with maple veneer. To minimize glue-line visibility with most maple veneers, we suggest a ratio of 1 part (by weight) of lightener to 10 parts (by weight) of Ultra-CAT adhesive. For medium toned veneers, use less lightener.

Pricing: 5 lb Pail Treatment - $5.90         25 lb Bucket Treatment - $29.50

Tip from Joe: Don't forget a glue roller. It's worth every penny! 

What is the shelf life of this adhesive?
If stored in cool and dry conditions the Ultra-CAT adhesive is good for 12 months.

Is this adhesive freeze/thaw stable?
Freezing will not harm this product.

Do I need to apply this adhesive to the substrate and to the veneer?
Always apply Ultra-CAT adhesive to the substrate only.

How much pressure is required when using this adhesive in vacuum press?
The ideal vacuum level for Ultra-CAT is 18 to 21" of Hg.

Is Ultra-CAT PPR glue CARB compliant?
There's a lot of gray area here, and much depends on your interpretation of the CARB rules. The PPR is a urea formaldehyde adhesive, so if you use it, you are adding urea formaldehyde to the panel, which the CARB ruling does not allow. However, from conferences and the like that my supplier has attended, the rule is directed at the core stock, with the intent of getting panel producers and users to only use core that is not made with UF resins. UF resins have been the choice in binders of engineered core stock for decades. You'll see these compliant core stocks referred to as NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde). ULE (ultra low emitting) UF resins have been developed and can be used, but they have to be certified. Ultra-CAT PPR is not a ULE resin. California's Proposition 65 Warning To California Residents This warning is provided to comply with California's Proposition 65 product labeling law. Each and every product sold by JWW Services Inc., DBA, may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. JWW Services Inc., DBA provides this warning based on its knowledge concerning the possible presence of one or more such chemicals, without attempting to evaluate the level of exposure.

Where can I get more information about mixing this glue?

What is the cure time for Ultra-CAT veneer glue?
4 - 6 hours @ 75 degrees F
3 - 4 hours @ 95 degrees F
2 - 3 hours @ 120 degrees F

What is the safety and health information on this adhesive?
Health Risk: Carcinogen
For industrial use only.
This resin contains formaldehyde which is listed by California prop. 65 as causing cancer.

Appearance and odor: tan to brown free flowing powder that will form a crust on the surface by absorbing moisture from the air. Has a slight chemical odor. Primary routes and exposure: eyes, inhalation, skin contact. Inhalation: dust or vapors can cause irritation. Inhalation may aggravate colds, allergies, asthma, emphysema and psoriasis. Material vapors may be carcinogenic. See chronic hazards this section. Skin contact: repeated skin contact can cause sensitization and dermatitis due to formaldehyde. Eye contact: if powder gets into eyes it can cause severe irritation. Ingestion: ingestion of materials is not expected to occur during the normal use of this product. If ingested it may cause stomach and intestinal irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, weakness, and headache. Avoid swallowing if a large amount of material gets into mouth. Chronic hazards: formaldehyde is listed as a human carcinogen, group 1, by iarc and osha and a suspected carcinogen by ntp. Evidence is based upon animal testing and data on human is inadequate. Formaldehyde vapors have been found to be carcinogenic to animals. Store in well-ventilated place. Keep cool. Dispose of contents/ container to an approved waste disposal plant.

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