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Latching Foot Pedal
for 120 VAC Power Tools



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Though this item doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the vacuum press, I thought there would be a few woodworkers who would appreciate having one as much as I do. I have one in my shop that I move around to different tools when I need fast and easy power control. Since it has a 15 amp switching unit inside, it can be used for most routers, drill presses, scrollsaws and more. Unlike the average foot pedal which is made of plastic, these are crafted from steel and have a very rugged feel. There's even a textured rubber pad on both sides to prevent slipping and movement.

The unit is made in the USA and comes with 8 feet of 14 gauge wire attached to a grounded A/C plug.

Please note this is the latching style foot pedal; it stays on without constant foot pressure.

  • Durable steel case with powder-painted finish
  • Cover pivots on a steel shaft, providing smooth, precise motion
  • Wide, low-profile shape makes it easy on the user
  • Heel rests on the floor when using this switch
  • Heavy-duty cable with flexible strain relief
  • Switches are SPDT wired normally open
  • Non-slip 3M® traction pads
  • Certified to CSA and UL standards

How does one disengage this pedal?
The pedal does not return to the off position when you release it.  It is a latching foot pedal, so you have to use your foot to rock the pedal to the on and to the off positions.

Product Reviews

  1. Review from Seattle, WA

    Review by Shelley Dillon

    This is the right tool for the job! We are a small biotech company and use these for small air pumps in our tissue culture lab. We really like this vendor because they ship promptly, wrap wel,l and are responsive. I highly recommend this business!

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