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HH-66 Vinyl Cement





Product Description

HH-66 makes flawless seams on vinyl vacuum bags. I have tried nearly every chemical in the Grainger and 3M catalog and nothing works like HH-66. Each can has a built-in brush attached to the lid for easy application. This vinyl cement is clear, fast drying, waterproof, and remains flexible. HH-66 has a nearly instant bonding action on most vinyl surfaces when prepared and applied appropriately.

HH-66 dries quickly with a very strong, yet flexible bond. It is not affected by weather and temperature extremes, and is highly resistant to oil, fuel, grease, and many other chemicals.

The 4 oz. size is enough to build one large (4 x 8) vinyl vacuum bag or several smaller bags. The pint size is enough cement to build several large vacuum bags.


Temperature Range: -30° to 180°F.
Tack Time: 2-5 minutes (on most vinyl materials)
Shelf Life: 18 months or longer
Flash Point: 22° F
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  • This product is designed to work with vinyl membranes and sheeting. However, we have found that it will also bond some polyurethane sheeting if the material is cleaned with acetone or xylene and lightly abraded with a synthetic wool pad.
  • For vinyl, a bond is made on contact. Polyurethane bonding requires clamping for 24 hours.
  • HH-66 vinyl cement can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous United States and Canada.
  • We can not ship this product to Hawaii, Alaska, or overseas.
  • HH-66 must be shipped via UPS. We can not ship this adhesive through USPS.


  • This is a flammable mixture. Do not use near fire or flame. Vapor may cause flash fire.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor and contact with eyes and skin.

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What else should I know about this product?
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