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Edge Banding Trimmer





Product Description

pg-edge-trimmer-in-use.jpgThis is one of the best edge banding trimmers available. It has two blades for cutting in either direction. Both blades can easily be reversed when they become dull. I've used one in my shop for quite some time and haven't had to change the blades yet. The finger-friendly design of this edge trimmer makes it safe and easy to use. I've always maintained a "simple is better" approach to most veneering tools and this item is no exception.

To get a clean edge, you must pay attention to the direction of the grain. Most edge banding has a reasonbly straight grain but there is always a slight angle. The best cut comes from sliding the trimmer in the direction of the grain as shown below. Cutting in any other direction will cause tear out.

Not for use with PVC or plastic edgebandings.

The white arrows above show the slight angle of the grain direction.
The blue arrows show the correct direction that the flush trimming tool is used.

Replacement blades are available.

Be sure to check out the Edgebanding Guide on the JoeWoodworker website for more information.

Will this trimmer work on thick edgebanding?
You have to be reasonable with expectations for any given tool. This trimmer is not a router bit and therefor it will only trim veneer-thickness edgebanding.

Can I use this tool to trim paperbacked veneer from the face of a panel?
The trimmer is for edgebanding. A paperbacked veneer can be trimmed with a veneer saw, razor knife, or flush-cutting router bit.

What is veneer-thickness edgebanding?
Any edgebanding that is 1/42" thick.

Will this cut the edge perfectly flush?
No. I would not take liability for saying that a tool does anything "perfectly" but it does do a very nice job that requires little follow up work.

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