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Dura-Max™ Vinyl Material



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Dura-Max™ is no ordinary vinyl. It is unmistakably the most flexible, durable, and puncture resistant vinyl available. This vinyl is clear and can be easily and permanently welded with HH-66 vinyl cement. Both sides of the sheets are highly polished to prevent veneer glue from adhering to the inside of the vacuum bag. The size options shown above are for single pieces of material. You may need two pieces of a given size to make a vacuum bag.

Ultimate Resilience
Dura-Max premium vinyl has a higher concentration of plasticizers than any other industrial vinyl. These placticizers are softening agents which keep the vinyl supple and formable. Raw VXP stabilizers are added to this vinyl, which make it highly resilient and wear resistant.

The Durabililty of Two-Ply
Dura-Max 30 gauge material is made from two layers of vinyl that are bonded together under intense heat and pressure to form an exceptionally durable film suitable for the stresses of vacuum bagging. This truly is bag material like no other.

pg-made-in-the-usa.gifThickness: 30 Gauge (30 Mil)
Color: Clear
Flexible: Yes
Weldable: Yes (with HH-66)

Shipping Option
In the interest of minimizing your shipping costs, we fold the vinyl material and place it in the box with the other items in your order. Some users are reporting that it is harder to work with the vinyl when it is folded so we now offer to ship it rolled up in a separate box. The additional charge for selecting "rolled" is to cover the additional shipping and packing costs. If the vinyl is the only item in your order, you do not have to select "rolled" since we would ship it that way anyhow.

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