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Copper Veneering Kit



Freeze Protect:


Product Description

pg-copper-veneering-easy.jpgIf you are new to copper veneering, you might find this kit very useful. Copper veneer works much like wood veneer. It's a bit fragile in its raw form so it must be handled gently. Nevertheless, it is a unique and intriguing material that will surely have family, friends, and customers lining up to get their hands on any project you create.

If you own a vacuum press or other pressing tool, you'll find this starter kit a perfect compliment to your first copper veneer order.

Kit Contents

  • 6" Glue Roller: This glue roller is ideal for apply copper adhesive. Clean and re-use it.
  • TC-20™ Copper Adhesive: The ideal glue for bonding copper to a porous substrate.
  • 2" Hardwood Roller: This roller is used in conjunction with a piece of heavy vinyl sheeting to roll out any crinkles in the copper veneer.
  • Vinyl Sheeting: Kit includes 1 square foot of 30 mil vinyl material for use with the wood roller.
  • Instruction Sheet: A copy of the copper veneering instructions from the JoeWoodworker website.

Freeze Protection Current Status: Optional
This adhesive can not be allowed to freeze. We have implemented a procedure using thermofoil bubble wrap and environmentally safe warming packs to protect this adhesive from freezing in transit. Freeze Protection is mandatory when the temperature drops below 32° F at our warehouse in Maryland. Freeze Protection is optional when the Maryland overnight low temperature is above 32° F for more than 72 hours. No orders with the freeze protection option will be shipped on Fridays.

When Freeze Protection is optional, customers may select freeze protection or decline this service based on their assessment of the temperatures in the delivery area. No refunds or replacements will be offered if the adhesive freezes in transit and the customer has declined the freeze protection option. You are responsible for selecting the appropriate option based on the temperature forecast in your area.

How much coverage does a pint of TC-20 provide?
When applied properly a pint will cover up to 32 square feet of substrate material.

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