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Color Concepts Finisher's Color Wheel
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Product Description

The Finisher's ColorWheel™ helps both the novice and professional finishers understand how colors affect each other. The colors selected for The Finisher's ColorWheel are standard colors for the wood industry. Most of the stains and touch-up products on the market are made from these colors. By using the wheel, a finisher can quickly see the result of color combinations.

The outside wheel shows 12 colors. The inside wheel shows 5 of the most common colors on its outer edge. When a color on the outside wheel is lined up with a color on the inside wheel, a third color is produced in the window below. This resulting color reflects a mixture of 1 part of the outside color and 3 parts of the inside color. Changing this ratio results in different variations of the combined color. The ColorWheel includes six dozen color combinations!

The inside wheel also has a five-color intensity scale. The outermost color represents the color at its opaque strength. The next innermost color represents the original color being used as a stain without being diluted. Each successive color shows a different percent of color strength. The varying strengths were achieved by diluting the color with different amounts of a clear base. As shown, changing the intensity of the color will produce variations of the same color.


To use The Finisher's ColorWheel, rotate the inside wheel and watch for the desired color to appear through one of the windows. When you have found the closest color match, mix the appropriate colors shown. Remember, you may have to vary the ratios and/or the intensity to achieve your desired color. Always keep a record of your color formulas for future applications.

Cross Reference: TransTint™ Dye from Finisher's Wheel
Color Wheel
TransTint Dye
Burnt Umber
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Raw Umber
French Yellow Ochre

White Birch veneer was selected as a neutral wood that would not affect the results of the color being used. Stains, names and touch-up materials will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Wood veneer will vary from piece to piece sometimes causing variations in the resulting color. Always use your formula on a test panel to ensure an accurate color match.

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How large is this item?
The color wheel is 9.5" in diameter.

Is this color wheel the same that other companies sell for $18 to $20?
Yes. I've seen this item in many woodworking catalogs for up to $20 and I've always wanted one for my shop. I don't understand why it's so expensive considering that it's just two pieces of cardboard. So I bought a bunch of these direct from the manufacturer and I'm selling them for a fraction of the retail cost. Enjoy!

Product Reviews

  1. Review from Syracuse, NY

    Review by Tom Lawlor

    The wheel is just as described. This wheel will definitely help with mixing the five inside wheel colors listed in the product description to one another as well as mixing these five colors to an additional seven colors on the outside wheel. The French Yellow Ochre (Honey Amber) is one of the colors on the outside wheel only.

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