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Cherry/Walnut Pinwheel Veneer
30" Diameter with 12-Piece Match
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Veneer Description

Cherry/Walnut Pinwheel Veneer 
This picture is the actual veneer that we will ship for your order.
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Cherry/Walnut Pinwheel Veneer
Veneer#: SB175
Diameter: 30"
.020" +/-.005"
Pattern: Sunburst/Radial Match
Backing: 10 mil kraft paper
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More Information
Though the process of cutting and assembling wood veneers into a radial match can be very rewarding, it can also be quite challenging. We have completed the difficult part for you. This custom veneer lay up has been cut, assembled, paper-backed, and sanded. The picture shown in this listing is the actual sheet you will receive in your order.

Adhesive Options
There are several adhesive options recommended for the application of this veneer to a project surface. Solvent-based contact cement is the easiest adhesive option. A veneer scraper tool will be needed to set the bond. Be sure to "scrape" the entire surface by from edge to edge. Do not scrape across the grain and avoid scraping from the center to the edge. We suggest scraping each seam twice. Our scraper tool will not scratch the veneer when used properly.

We recommend Ultra-CAT™ and Better Bond™ cold press adhesives for the most durable bond. Be certain to scuff sand the back of the veneer with 60 grit sandpaper so that the surface can be made porous. A vacuum press is the ideal tool for applying evenly distributed pressure on the panel while the adhesive sets. Avoid using excess amounts of adhesive.

Please note that we do not recommend Heat Lock™ glue for this type of veneer.

Sanding and Trimming
Though each veneer sheet has been sanded at the factory, some additional sanding will be required. A random orbit sander is ideal. The outside edges of these veneer layups are not finish-trimmed. When your panel is complete, trim it to size using a use a trammel-mounted router with a spiral down-cutting router bit to cut the panel into a perfect circle.

Generally speaking it is not a advisable to use water-based finishes on sunburst veneers as this can cause some surface bubbles to occur. A lacquer or oil-based polyurethane finish will provide ideal protection.

Shipping Charge
Because this is a fragile veneer assembly, we use a large box and ship the product flat. This is the best way to ensure a safe delivery but it can be a bit expensive. The shipping carriers charge us the 25 lb rate due to the box size. A shipping estimator link can be found on the cart contents page when this item is added to your cart.

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