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Better Bond Titan DX™
Premium Contact Cement



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When only the best adhesive will do, serious craftsmen choose Better Bond’s Titan DX™ premium contact cement. This unique high-solids adhesive exceeds the demands of the finest professional cabinetmakers and artisans. No other waterborne contact adhesive matches the strength, resilience, and ease of use of Titan DX. Simply apply and let dry. Your project is now ready for an instant and permanent bond.

Titan DX will permanently bond paper backed and 2-ply veneers to any porous substrate including particle board, MDF, plywood, and drywall. In addition, it works with leather, fabrics, and many other porous materials. Not for use with raw wood (unbacked) veneers or plastic laminates.

pg-titan-fullbond.gifThere's no denying that contact cement has been a hot topic among professional cabinetmakers. In many parts of the country, OSHA has forced cabinet shops to halt the use of solvent-based contact cements. These shops are now required to use a non-toxic and environmentally friendly contact adhesive instead. Until now, there has been no decent alternative. The most common issues with water-based contact cement are poor bond strength and durability.

One company stepped up to the plate to fix this problem and developed an impressive water based contact cement that performs even better than the solvent based types. There is a lot to love about this adhesive. It has a very long open-time. It's non-toxic. It's affordable. It doesn't fill your shop with hazardous fumes. And most importantly, it bonds like nothing else I've seen. I have thoroughly tested it with paperbacked and 2-ply veneers and the results were simply astounding. Try it once and I promise you'll agree that this is the best contact cement available.


  • Low odor
  • Easy clean up
  • High coverage/spread rate
  • Water resistant
  • Extra-long open time

100 square feet per quart / 200 square feet per half gallon


  1. Surfaces to be bonded must be free from moisture, dirt, and any oil residue. Both the adhesive and surfaces to be bonded should be at 65° F when used. Both surfaces must be porous. It is always a good idea to scuff sand the back of the veneer and the substrate. Test the adhesive on a scrap or sample piece first.
  2. Use 80 grit sand paper to thoroughly scuff the back of the veneer and the face of the substrate.
  3. Shake gently before using.
  4. Use a glue roller or spray equipment to apply one even coat on each surface.
  5. An additional coat may be required on very porous surfaces, but should not be applied if the first coat provides a thoroughly tacky surface. Lower ambient temperature will increase the amount of time for the adhesive to set up and can reduce bond strength. A clear, glossy coat is the visual indicator that the adhesive is ready for application of the veneer. Cloudy areas indicate incomplete drying. Dull areas indicate insufficient adhesive.
  6. Allow both surfaces to set up (25 - 35 minutes) before combining. Set up times are affected by humidity, thickness of the adhesive application, and temperature. Make bonds as soon as possible after the adhesive has set up and no longer has a milky appearance. Adhesion occurs instantly upon contact.
  7. A handheld roller will not create adequate pressure to make the bond permanent. Instead, use a veneer scraper to "seat" the bond and make it permanent. Always move the scraper in the direction of the grain. Use sufficient pressure with the veneer scraper to insure complete mating of the surfaces. 
  8. The completed panel may be machined immediately after application but allow 24 hours for full bond strength.

Freeze Protection Current Status: Mandatory
This adhesive can not be allowed to freeze. We have implemented a procedure using thermofoil bubble wrap and environmentally safe warming packs to protect this adhesive from freezing in transit. Freeze Protection is mandatory when the temperature drops below 32° F at our warehouse in Maryland. Freeze Protection is optional when the Maryland overnight low temperature is above 32° F for more than 72 hours. No orders with the freeze protection option will be shipped on Fridays.

When Freeze Protection is optional, customers may select freeze protection or decline this service based on their assessment of the temperatures in the delivery area. No refunds or replacements will be offered if the adhesive freezes in transit and the customer has declined the freeze protection option. You are responsible for selecting the appropriate option based on the temperature forecast in your area.

Will Titan DX work on unbacked veneers?
This adhesive is suitable for most backed veneers (2 ply and paperbacked). It is not suitable for unbacked veneer.

Why is Titan DX not suitable for all backed veneers?
Some 2 ply veneers are made with acidic adhesives and/or backer veneers with high tannic acid content. A non-neutral PH surface will de-stabilize the polymers in Titan DX. When this happens, the adhesive will turn white and gummy. This is not an issue with the Titan adhesive. It is simply an incompatibility with acidic surfaces. The 2 ply veneers offered at work perfectly with Titan DX.

Will the water content of this glue create any issues?
Some species, grains, and backers can expand when a water-based adhesive is applied. It typically takes 24 hours for the veneer to return to its normal size. Therfore it is best to allow a day before flush trimming the veneer panel.

Will Titan work on plastic laminates?
Generally speaking, it is best to use Titan DX only on porous surfaces. When I developed this adhesive, I never requested it to work with plastic laminates but the chemist involved in the project said that it would work for that type of material. However, there are many chemicals that can be found on the back of a plastic laminate and some of those chemicals will prevent Titan DX from adhering.

Will Titan DX bond to foam board, metal, plastic, glass, or pre-finished wood surfaces?
Titan DX will only bond to a porous surface. Plastic, glass, metal, and pre-finished wood surfaces are not porous.

Can Titan DX be used on non-porous surfaces?
Like all water-based adhesives, Titan DX only bonds porous surfaces. We provide no warranty whatsoever if either of the bonding surfaces are non-porous. Materials such as plywood, MDF, particle board, and paperbacked veneers are not porous unless they are scuff sanded with 80 grit sand paper.

What is the clean up process with this adhesive?
Clean rollers and brushes with hot water while the adhesive is still wet. If the adhesive starts to dry, soak the roller or brush in mineral spirits for an hour and then clean with hot water. Cured adhesive can not be removed from rollers and brushes.

Is Titan DX freeze/thaw stable?
This adhesive is not usable if it is allowed to freeze. Once frozen, it turns to a solid lump of very hard rubber.

What other details should I know?
Shelf Life: 8 - 12 months (based storage conditions)
Coverage: 100 square feet per quart / 200 square feet per half gallon
Storage: Store in a dry area at 60° F – 80° F
Compatibility: Titan DX is compatible with most stains and finishes including lacquer, conversion varnish, and polyurethane.

Can I use this glue even if it is beyond the shelf life?
That is a risk that you have to be willing to take. I would not recommend it and I would not use an expired adhesive for my veneer projects. Typically there are no visual indicators that a glue has exceeded the shelf life and is not suitable for use.

Can this adhesive be shipped overseas?
Titan DX can not be shipped outside of the USA and Canada.

Why is this adhesive so expensive?
The manufacturer is notorious for increasing prices by 5% every six months. I wish I could write some fluff that says that it's because this adhesive is made from a rare polymer called "unobtainium" but instead I believe it's simply a greedy and despicable policy designed to put more money in the pockets of their executives.

What else should I order with this glue?
The glue roller and a veneer scraper tool are "must have" items when working with Titan DX contact cement.

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