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49-Piece Veneer Sample Book





Product Description

pg-sample-book.jpgOur latest sample book contains 49 extra-large backed veneer samples including a PSA and a 2-ply veneer. This is a superb reference guide for cabinetmakers and architects. Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to see labeled samples of the available species for their project. These are actual product samples; not just pictures of veneers. Each sample is protected by a removable clear sleeve. Supplies are limited.

We also include our 8-page "Backed Veneer Guide" and a price list for each paperbacked, 2 ply, and edgebanding on our website.

Sample size: 8" x 10"
Each sample book contains the following veneers:

  • Alder (Clear - free of knots)
  • Anigre (Quartersawn, Figured)
  • Ash (Flat Cut)
  • Ash (Quartersawn)
  • Bamboo (Caramel Color, Narrow Grain)
  • Bamboo (Natural Color, Narrow Grain)
  • Beech (European, Flat Cut)
  • Beech (European, Quartersawn)
  • Birch (Rotary)
  • Cherry (Flat Cut)
  • Cherry (Flat Cut, Figured)
  • Cherry (Quartersawn)
  • Fir (Vertical Grain, Quartersawn)
  • Hickory
  • Jatoba
  • Lacewood
  • Mahogany (African, Flat Cut)
  • Mahogany (African, Ribbon Stripe)
  • Maple (Birds Eye)
  • Maple (Flat Cut)
  • Maple (Quartersawn)
  • Maple (Curly)
  • Maple (Rotary)
  • Red Oak (Flat Cut)
  • Red Oak (Quartersawn, Heavy Figure)
  • Red Oak (Riftsawn)
  • White Oak (Flat Cut)
  • White Oak (Quartersawn, Heavy Figure)
  • White Oak (Rift)
  • Padauk (Clear)
  • Pine (Clear)
  • Pine (Knotty)
  • Poplar (Knotty)
  • Rosewood (Santos)
  • Sapele (Quartersawn)
  • Spanish Cedar (Western Red)
  • Teak (Flat Cut)
  • Teak (Quartersawn)
  • Walnut (Flat Cut)
  • Walnut (Quartersawn)
  • Wenge (Quartersawn)
  • Zebrawood
  • Reconstituted Ebony (Quartersawn)
  • Reconstituted White Oak (Quartersawn)
  • Reconstituted Zebrawood (Quartersawn)
  • Sample of 10 paper backed veneer
  • Sample of 20 paper backed veneer
  • Sample of 2-Ply veneer
  • Sample of PSA backed veneer

    We also have individual samples of many of these veneer species.

    The sample catalog used to have 41 samples right?
    Yes... without raising the price, we were able to get 8 additional samples in our current batch of sample books. There are now 49 samples in each!

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