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How to Write a Product Review
Take a moment to share your product and shopping experience with other woodworkers.

You Can Make a Difference!

A positive product review is one of the most helpful responses that a customer can offer a small business like ours. Small online companies like ours are finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat in this age of mega-online stores. We do our best to compete with the big name companies by providing helpful replies to our customers, high quality wood veneers, and affordable veneering supplies.

You can help us out by writing a product review after you receive your order. Keep in mind that our raw wood veneers can not be reviewed.

A well written review also helps other woodworkers make an informed decision before they make a purchase. Best of all... it only takes 3 to 4 minutes to write a positive review!


Four Simple Steps to Write a Review

  1. At the top-right of our website, enter a product name or a keyword for the product you wish to review. Then select the appropriate product from the display list. The example below shows a search for the Excel 5 vacuum press system.


  2. You will find a row of tabs below the product options list for item you selected. Select the "Write a Review" tab.


  3. Enter your rating for the product by selecting the number of 'stars' that is appropriate. Next, write a brief description of the product in the comments box. Many reviewers will use this space to comment on the quality of the product. Other reviewers will also include information about how quickly the shipment arrived and whether or not they recieved good customer service from us. We greatly appreciate any comments that you can share with our website visitors.


  4. Enter your name, city and state. All of this is needed to help legitimize the reviews that are posted on our website. Too many websites allow bogus reviews so we verify the information you provide to make sure that you have purchased the reviewed product from our website.

We greatly appreciate your comments!


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