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Frequently Asked Questions about International Shipping
Doing our best for woodworkers across the globe.
line-horizontal.gif can only ship products to the countries shown on our International Orders page. Unfortunately we can not ship to any other country regardless of location, situation, or circumstance without exception. We apologize for this inconvenience and we are working to increase the number of countries where we can ship our products.

Why is your shipping country list so small?
We have opted for a very low payment processing rate which enables us to keep card acceptance fees at a minimum. The down-side with this plan is that we are limited (by the payment processing company) to orders/payments from the countries this service provider has deemed "safe".

Can the order be shipped via a freight forwarding service?
We will not ship any of our products to a freight forwarding service.

Why can't my order ship to a freight forwarding service?
We only accept credit card payments for orders and to protect us from fraud, our payment processing provider outlines the countries from which we can accept payment. Also, there are several products and many species of veneer which can not be lawfully shipped outside the US.

Can I pay with a bank transfer?
We only accept payment via credit cards and Paypal.

When will you add more countries to the list?
It is not our decision to add or remove countries from the list of those which we can ship. This is decided by our card processing provider.

Can you please make an exception for me?
We can not make an exceptions to this policy.