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Maple (Quilted)

cat-maple-quilted.jpgQuilt is the most sought-after grain figure that is found in maple. It is typically used on high-end projects such as guitars, automotive dashboards, and the finest of fine furniture. Trees containing usable quilted figure are exceedingly rare. Undulating and uninterrupted waves on the bark typically indicate a quilted tree or log. This is an expensive veneer but the shimmmer and patterns are truly mesmerizing.

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Common Name:
  Maple, Quilted Big Leaf Maple
Scientific Name:
  Acer macrophyllum
  Creamy white sapwood, light brown heartwood
  US (Oregon, Washington), Canada (British Columbia)
  Primarily hard, though some softer maples do exist
  Fine, closed pore
  Readily accepts stains and finishes

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