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Ash (Burl)

cat-ash-burl.jpgLarge, clean, and well-figured ash burl veneer is notoriously difficult to find. More commonly, you'll find ash burl with small dark brown knots which add a touch of "character" to the uniform creamy color. Ash burls are most often found at the trunk of the tree (as opposed to under-ground) which further indicates that the burl growth is the result of external influences such as insects, forest animals, and humans. With a vacuum press, ash burl is very easy to adhere to a substrate.

Common Name:
  European Ash Burl, White Ash Burl
Scientific Name:
  Fraxinus excelsior
  Light cream to yellow, occassional dark brown knots
  Primarily Western Europe
  Medium texture with interlocked grain
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
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