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cat-vac-press-parts.jpgBuilding Your Own Vacuum Press?

If you are building a custom vacuum press system, you should be able to find everything you need here. Keep in mind that the free plans found on the JoeWoodworker website refer to the do-it-yourself vacuum press kits that we offer. These kits are designed to save you money and to simplify the process of building your own vacuum system.

  • $12.95 Check Valve - Heavy Duty
    This item is for vacuum press builders looking for a heavy duty brass-body check valve at a reasonable price. Available in three styles: 1/4" NPT Male to Male: For users building the Project: V2 Mini, Basic, ord Plus vacuum press._ 1/4" NPT...
  • $2.75 Exhaust Muffler
    Add this muffler to your existing vacuum pump to reduce noise without sacrificing efficiency. Highly recommended for all vacuum pump models up to 10 CFM. Reduces noise by 17 to 22 decibels. Thread Type: 1/4" NPT
  • $11.90 Lock-On Vacuum Connector
    I have found only one connector that works perfectly for vacuum pressure. This solid brass vacuum bag connector locks on to the vacuum bag valve stem with a strong spring-loaded clip and features a soft cast O-ring which makes a leak-proof...
  • $28.40 Mac Valve
    3-Way, 1/4" NPT
    This 3-way Mac valve controls the air flow from your compressor into the venturi unit. It has the recommended 1/4" pipe threads and meets the CFM requirements for our vacuum press kits. Standard Mac Valve Used on Project: EVS and V2 (Mini,...
  • $7.40 Pipe Tap
    1/4" or 1/8" NPT
    So many builders have asked me to add a tap to the catalog of parts needed for the press, that I just couldn't resist. This is the best pipe tap I could find for the money. I figured that since its going into plastic and it only will be used a few...
  • $39.50 PVC Reservoir Kit
    Vacuum Tanks
    These reservoir kits are for the Project: V2™ and Project: EVS™ vacuum presses. I've received several emails from builders on the west coast indicating that solid core schedule 40 pipe was not available in their area. So I'm...
  • $2.50 Sintered Bronze Breather Fitting
    This item is a sintered bronze breather fitting. It is used on the Mac valve and other pnuematic devices to reduce exhaust noise and prevent contaminants from entering the system. Thread Size: 1/4" NPT
  • $0.95 Thread Sealing Teflon Tape
    PTFE Tape
    Thread sealing tape is used on all metal to metal threaded connections to create a perfectly sealed union. Each roll has 260" of 1/2" wide PTFE tape.
  • $44.35 Vac Pro™
    Venturi Vacuum Generator
    I have one Vac Pro Plus in stock that was used for testing. It has a slight scratch on the side but is otherwise perfect. If you are interested in purchasing this unit for $12 off the regular price, let me know. The Vac Pro™ venturi device...
  • $18.90 Vacuum Controller Relay
    30 amp
    This heavy duty DPST relay will do the power switching for vacuum pumps up to 1 HP at 120v AC and 3 HP at 240v AC. This relay is used in conjunction with a vacuum controller for vacuum pumps that draw up to 30 amps. If your vacuum pump draws less...
  • $11.90 Vacuum Damper
    For Large Vacuum Pumps
    It's a good idea to add this vacuum damper to the vacuum controller if your vacuum pump pulls more than 4 CFM. This will prevent the vacuum controller from sputtering on and off at the end of a charge cycle by restricting the air flow to the vacuum...
  • $11.90 Vacuum Gauge - Heavy Duty
    1/4" NPT
    This industrial grade vacuum gauge has heavy-duty sensing elements and a stainless steel case for protection in harsh environments. A gauge like this offers greater accuracy than a general purpose gauge and is typically used in more demanding...
  • $19.90 Vacuum Pressure Controller
    1/8" NPT
    One of the most critical components you will need for the vacuum system is the vacuum pressure controller. The device measures vacuum pressure inside of the reservoir. It turns the vacuum pump on when the pressure inside the tank drops below a given...
  • $369.95 $299.50
    - On Sale -
    Vacuum Pump - 5.5 CFM
    120v AC / 240v AC
    This commerical grade vacuum pump replaces the Gast model that we previously offered. I could no longer accept the ridiculous price increases and shoddy customer support coming from Gast Manufacturing so I aggressively searched for a more affordable...
  • $329.99 $249.00
    - On Sale -
    Vacuum Pump - Gast 1.1 CFM
    120 VAC
    This is a 120v Gast continuous duty vacuum pump for building a vacuum veneer press. Gast is one of the leaders of vacuum pump technologies. This particular pump one of their most quiet and reliable units. Features Gast Model:...
  • $129.50 Vacuum Pump - Thomas 3.15 CFM
    120 VAC
    GD Thomas (formerly Rietschle Thomas) is a manufacturer of commercial vacuum pumps. This heavy duty double piston vacuum pump is ideal for vacuum bags and bending/laminating veneer over odd shaped forms. These are also superb for vacuum...
  • $6.90 Vacuum Tube - Heavy Duty Braided
    3/8" ID
    This vacuum tubing has a braided reinforcement and is similar to what many of the major vacuum press companies use (though considerably less expensive). This is a heavy duty flexible hose that will last a lifetime. I buy this from a...
  • $0.95 Vacuum Tube (Black Hi-Flex)
    1/4" ID
    This is the tubing used to remotely connect the vacuum controller to the vacuum press system. You can also use clear vinyl tube from the hardware store instead of this item. Each piece is 1' long. This tubing is used on the following vacuum press...
  • $6.95 Vacuum Valve
    1/4" NPT
    Finally! I searched the half the world (ok, maybe a little less) and finally found a affordable valve unit with 1/4" NPT threads that fits snugly on the vacuum press project. This brass body valve has a Teflon seat and NBR o-ring so you can be sure...
  • $16.95 $12.50
    - On Sale -
    Inline Vacuum Pump Filter
    40 Micron
    New for 2015! A dedicated fine-particulate filter is the easiest way to protect your vacuum press equipment from harmful debris. This vacuum filter is perfect for the vacuum press systems we offer and can handle up to 10 CFM of vacuum flow. The...
  • $13.85 Valve Stem Assembly
    Flush Mount
    Our DuraMax™ bags have been getting great comments and it seems that each review mentions the flush-mount valve stem as a key improvement. The flush-mount valve stem allows you to use the full length of the vacuum bag...
  • $11.75 Valve Stem Assembly
    This 8-piece valve stem kit is an easy way to connect a vinyl or polyurethane vacuum bag to the lock-on vacuum connector and vacuum hose. Each stem has double-width air channels cut from the center intake to direct airflow quickly and evenly from...
  • $28.40 Latching Foot Pedal
    for 120 VAC Power Tools
    Though this item doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the vacuum press, I thought there would be a few woodworkers who would appreciate having one as much as I do. I have one in my shop that I move around to different tools when I need fast...

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