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Brass Fittings

This selection of brass parts and fittings that can be used for building a vacuum press and clamping system. I've done my best to buy these parts in bulk in an effort to save you as much money as possible. These are all standardized parts that can be linked together. Think of them as a brass version of Lego® toys and you'll find that the options are limitless.

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  • $3.90 Forged Brass Cross or X
    1/4" NPT Female
    This cast brass fitting allows you to split vacuum pressure to additional sources.
  • $2.75 Forged Brass Hose Barb Elbow
    1/4" NPT Male to 1/4" Barb
    Another odd brass fitting that might spark a new idea for plumbing the vacuum press.
  • $2.55 Forged Brass Hose Barb Elbow
    1/4" NPT Male to 3/8" Barb
    This brass elbow fitting has 1/4" NPT male threads and a 3/8" barbed end.
  • $2.20 Forged Brass Street Elbow
    1/4" NPT
    A hard-to-find fitting that can make some connections a bit easier.
  • $2.90 Forged Brass Street Tee
    1/4" NPT
    This forged brass "street" tee might give you some new ideas for the vacuum press.
  • $2.90 Forged Brass Tee
    3-Way Splitter - 1/4" NPT Female
    This forged 3 way 'tee' splitter has 1/4" NPT female threads and is used to split the vacuum line to multiple bags or vacuum clamping jigs. This is also a great item for vacuum press builders who wish to remotely mount the vacuum gauge and vacuum...
  • $6.22 Long Brass Street Elbow
    1/4" NPT
    This is a very unusual brass fitting that you might find useful. Overall length: 2.25" Thread size: 1/4" NPT Also known as a DOT elbow.
  • $2.10 Pipe Union Fitting
    1/4" NPT
    This is a brass pipe union fitting with 1/4" NPT threads on both sides. It's another product which I bought in bulk to save you money.
  • $1.80 Quick Connector for Compressed Air Line
    1/4" NPT
    This piece is connected to the Mac valve on the Project: V2 system. It connects your compressed air hose to the system.
  • $6.95 Vacuum Valve
    1/4" NPT to 3/8" Barb
    Here is an affordable vacuum valve with a 1/4" NPT male thread and a 3/8" barb. You find it is very handy for custom vacuum manifolds and more.
  • $6.95 Check Valve - Heavy Duty
    This item is for vacuum press builders looking for a heavy duty brass-body check valve at a reasonable price. Available in three styles: 1/4" NPT Male to Male - $6.95 1/4" NPT Female to Male - $9.95 3/8" NPT Female to Male* - $15.95 *...
  • $2.75 Exhaust Muffler
    Add this muffler to your existing vacuum pump to reduce noise without sacrificing efficiency. Highly recommended for all vacuum pump models up to 10 CFM. Reduces noise by 17 to 22 decibels. This is a great replacement for the Gast AH190A muffler...
  • $11.90 Lock-On Vacuum Connector
    I have found one connector that works perfectly for vacuum. This solid brass vacuum bag connector locks on to the vacuum bag stem with a strong spring-loaded clip and features a soft cast O-ring which makes a leak-proof connection. This nicely...
  • $14.90 Quick-Connect Assembly
    Some call it a "quick connect" fitting and some call it a "quick disconnect" fitting. I don't know the difference but I do know that we now have the ideal vacuum connection system for those who prefer to easily detach the braided vacuum tube from...
  • $0.95 Thread Sealing Teflon Tape
    PTFE Tape
    Thread sealing tape is used on all metal to metal threaded connections to create a perfectly sealed union. Each roll has 260" of 1/2" wide PTFE tape.
  • $13.90 Vacuum Damper
    For Large Vacuum Pumps
    It's a good idea to add this vacuum damper to the vacuum controller if your vacuum pump pulls more than 4 CFM. This will prevent the vacuum controller from sputtering on and off at the end of a charge cycle by restricting the air flow to the vacuum...
  • $6.95 Vacuum Valve
    1/4" NPT
    Finally! I searched the half the world (ok, maybe a little less) and finally found a affordable valve unit with 1/4" NPT threads that fits snugly on the vacuum press project. This brass body valve has a Teflon seat and NBR o-ring so you can be sure...
  • $5.45 Brass Fitting For Vacuum Clamping Jigs
    If you use your vacuum press for vacuum clamping, this fitting will allow you to directly attach the lock-on vacuum connector to the vacuum clamping jig. The 1/8" NPT version of this fitting is the one that is used in the JoeWoodworker vacuum frame...
  • $1.85 Brass Barb Fitting
    1/8" NPT Male to 1/4" Barb
    These fittings are best used on 3/4" vacuum clamping jigs. With 1/8" NPT threads, the hole is small enough to easily attach to the center of clamping jigs. Item is used with 1/4" ID vacuum tube.
  • $6.90 Brass Tube Adapter
    For Vacuum Clamping Jigs
    This ingenious fitting will allow you to use the lock-on vacuum connector to connect to 1/4" ID tube. Expensive? Yes. But these are great for vacuum clamping jigs! Barb Size: 1/4"Connection Size: Schrader (.305" OD and 32 tpi)Attachment...
  • $1.85 Brass Barbed Tee
    The brass barbed tee splits the vacuum pressure to an additional clamping device. Select the option above for 1/4" or 3/8" ID tubing.

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