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cat-samples.jpgHere's our list of in-stock samples. If you are just getting into veneering and are looking for test pieces, you have come to the right place. Many of these samples are also great marquetry veneers. Keep in mind that this listing changes from time to time so check back often. We'll be adding more soon!

  • $35.00 $20.00
    - On Sale -
    Cherry Veneer
    60 Square Feet Value Pack
    I have a small pallet of very nice quartersawn and flat cut cherry veneer on hand. Each bundle is a random size. I've taken a few measurements to give you an idea of the sizes that are in this pallet. Here are some sample bundle sizes I've found.....
  • $10.90 Micra-Stone™ Veneer Sample
    8" x 8"
    This is a genuine slate veneer applied to a fleece backing using a state of the art quarrying and peeling process. Though this is real stone, it is so highly flexible that it can be wrapped around a pencil. Sourced from various exotic places...
  • $3.49 Wood Veneer Sample
    8" x 10"
    Choose from more than 100 different types of veneer! Our samples allow you to get your hands on some of the veneer species we offer. Please note that some species of trees have a great deal of variation in grain and color. These samples are...
  • $14.95 $11.95
    - On Sale -
    Edgebanding Sample Chain
    24 Species
    This 24-piece sample chain contains a nice selection of the many species we offer in edgebanding. Each sample is 7/8" x 6" and is backed with iron-on hotmelt adhesive. Below is the list of species included in each sample chain...
  • $57.50 49-Piece Veneer Sample Book
    Our latest sample book contains 49 extra-large paperbacked veneer samples including a PSA and a 2-ply veneer. This is a superb reference guide for cabinetmakers and architects. Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to see labeled samples of...
  • $49.90 $29.80
    - On Sale -
    Framed Veneer - Wall Art
    If you appreciate the fine art of veneering, you'll love having veneer-as-art on your shop or office wall. Each veneer has been sanded and given a lacquer finish to bring out the natural figure and shimmer. The finished veneer is professionally...
  • $38.20 $33.80
    - On Sale -
    25-Piece Copper Veneer Sample Pack
    4" x 4"
    Same-Day Shipping via Priority Mail: Only $7.15Order must be placed by 12pm EST Our customers have been asking for a sample pack like this one for many months. And now we have them! Each pack contains 4" x 4" samples of all 25 copper patina colors...
  • $12.95 Copper Veneer Sample
    8" x 10"
    Copper samples are now in stock! Each sample is sold individually. Please select the patina option above. These samples will give you a rough idea of the possible color and pattern of a given patina type. Since each sheet is custom made, there will...
  • $9.25 Wood Veneer Sample Pack
    Domestic Species
    If you're just getting into veneering and are looking for samples to try out, our "grab bag" veneer assortment is right up your alley. Each pack contains several species of random raw wood (unbacked) domestic veneers of various sizes. No two packs...

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