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Micra-Stone™ Veneer

Genuine Stone VeneerIt's hard to believe but this is a real stone product that is bendable and foldable. It can be cut with scissors, applied with a non-toxic adhesive and is trimmed with ordinary woodworking tools. Sourced from various exotic quarries around the world, this stone veneer will impress the most demanding organic woodworker.

Reward for Your Project Pictures
Send me a picture of your completed stone veneer project and I will send you a code for 15% off your next stone veneer order!

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Good News for 2017

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A Unique Opportunity

    You're not likely going to find many craftsmen combining real wood with real stone these days and that's a shame because it is such an outstanding combination. Ordinary projects quickly turn into works of art and the results can be absolutely stunning.
    If you have done any work with wood veneer, you'll find this stone is even easier to cut, apply and trim.
    Give it some thought and email me if you have any questions.