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European Walnut Burl Wood Veneer

cat-walnut-euroburl.jpgEuropean walnut is blanket name that covers a wide variety of walnut lumber and veneer from Europe. The most common woods found under this category are French, Italian, Circassian, and Russian walnut. The finest European walnut burl veneer comes from trees which are hand-dug from the ground (the burl growth is commonly found at or below the ground level).

Common Name:
  European Walnut
Scientific Name:
  Juglans regia
  Light brown to gray with some creamy white in the burls
  Europe (north to Russia and south to Italy), southern Asia
  Open-pore, medium
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:
  European walnut burl never shows its true color and figure until a finish is applied. Our biggest customers for this veneer are those who have bought it in the past and were amazed by the figure that pops out once a finish is applied.

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