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Circassian Walnut Wood Veneer

Circassian Walnut VeneerWhat is the difference between European and Circassian walnut? European walnut can be sourced from many parts of the continent and color will vary based on the origin of the tree. Circassian walnut comes directly from the Circassian mountains in Russia. This type of walnut often has wild color variations. Also in this category is a nice selection of figured Circassian walnut sapwood which is simply gorgeous!

Common Name:
  Circassia Walnut, Adyghe Walnut, Caucasus Walnut
Scientific Name:
  Juglans regia
  Light to dark brown with occasional orange, sapwood is tan/cream color
  Caucasus (Circasian) Mountains of Russia
  Primarily soft to medium
  Medium texture with open pored grain
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
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