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Lacewood Wood Veneer

Lacewood VeneerThese lacewood veneer sheets have flecks of grain that reflect light in way that is very similar to quartersawn oak but with wider and more densely packed arrays. I've seen walnut and wenge solid wood projects that have been accented with lacewood and the results were absolutely beautiful. This species is very easy to work with. It bonds well with ordinary veneer glue and sands easily.

Looking for large sheets of this species? We also offer it in AA grade paper-backed veneer, which can be applied with contact cement or any other veneer adhesive.

Common Name:
  LaceWood, "Australian Lacewood" (which is incorrect)
Scientific Name:
  Roupala brasiliensis
  Orange to tan with shimmering "flecks"
  South America (specifically Brazil)
  Primarily hard
  Coarse texture
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:   True Australian lacewood has not been imported to the US for over 15 years. Very few, if any, dealers are offering true Australian lacewood (Cardwellia sublimis) due to ongoing trade restrictions.
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