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Instrument Grade Quilted Maple Veneer

Instrument Grade Quilted MapleHere is our stock of high-end quilted maple. The grading is well beyond our normal AAA quilted maple and the pictures just do not convey the exceptional figure found in each of these veneers. Since 2010, the wholesale market for quilted maple has all but completely dried up. We found most of these quilted maple wood veneer sheets in Germany and are proud to have acquired such an incredible selection. It is by far the finest quilted maple we have ever seen.

Common Name:
  Maple, Quilted Big Leaf Maple
Scientific Name:
  Acer macrophyllum
  Creamy white sapwood, light brown heartwood
  US (Oregon, Washington), Canada (British Columbia)
  Primarily hard, though some softer maples do exist
  Fine, closed pore
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
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