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Fiddleback Kotibe Wood Veneer

Fiddleback Kotibe VeneerNow this is a rare species! Plain Kotibe (ko-TEE-bay) is hard to find, but high figured Kotibe, like what we have below, is almost non-existent. What you'll find here is some of the finest fiddleback Kotibe veneer that has ever been sliced. Our stock was lawfully obtained through suppliers following strict guidelines for import to the US. We can not ship this species outside of the US and Canada.

Common Name:
  Akumaba, Kondofindo, Kotibe, Naouya, Otutu, Ovoe, Danta, Epro
Scientific Name:
  Nesogordonia papaverifera
  Sterculiaceae or Malvaceae
  Reddish Brown with hints of pink/orange
  Africa: Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone
  Very hard
  Readily accepts non-water-based stains and can be top-coated with oil based polyurethane, lacquer, and tung oil. Oil based finishes take longer to dry. Water based finishes are often problematic due to the oily/resinous nature of the wood.
Did You Know:

The Kotibe tree can grow to a height 110 feet and have a trunk diameter of more than 40 inches.

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