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Bird's Eye Maple Wood Veneer

cat-maple-birdseye.jpgBird's eye figure occurs most commonly in hard maple. The stunning look of small, repetitive, and undulating "eyes" across the grain make this one of our top-selling veneers. Though many theories exist, science has not yet proven what causes this figure. Unlike other maple grains, bird's eye figure can be very difficult to spot in a log unless the bark and cambium layer are removed. Our birds eye maple wood veneer sheets range from mid-grade to AAA.

Looking for large sheets of this species? We also offer it in AA grade paper-backed veneer, which can be applied with contact cement or any other veneer adhesive.

Common Name:
Scientific Name:
  Acer saccharum
  Creamy white sapwood, light brown heartwood
  North America
  Primarily hard, though some softer maples do exist
  Fine, closed pore
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
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