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Eucalyptus Burl Wood Veneer

Freak Eucalyptus BurlThe typical eucalyptus burl that can be found at most dealers is not a burl in the sense that it grew like a wart on the outside of the tree. The veneers in this category are from a true eucalyptus burl that grew in Australia. This protuberence yielded a very fine veneer with a smooth high-end look. This would be a great compliment to a project made primarily of walnut. Very limited availabilty... don't miss out.

Common Name:
  Eucalyptus Burl, Brown Mallee
Scientific Name:
  Eucalyptus dumosa
  Light tan to brown, occasional silvery brown and yellow tones
  Soft to medium
  Smooth grain with closed pores
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
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