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Bossé Cedar Wood Veneer

Bosse VeneerKnown for its aroma, which is very similar to Spanish cedar, Bossé  ('boss-say')can come in an array of grain types. Most of our Bossé wood veneer sheets have the highly sought-after quilted figuring. Very few veneers have this kind of chatoyance in the grain. The color is an excellent companion to a dark brown fine-grain veneer such as walnut.

Common Name:
  Bossé, African Cedar, Fragrant Mahogany
Scientific Name:
  Guarea cedrata or Guarea thompsonii
  Warm brown to orange and gold
  Africa: Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Gold Coast, and Ivory Coast
  Medium pores structure with interlocking grain
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:  

Bossé is related to sapele. They are both part of the Meliaceae family. The bosse tree typically grows as high as 150 feet.

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