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Birds Eye Anigre Wood Veneer

cat-anigre-birdseye.jpgThis is an unusual grain for Angire and I doubt we'll see much more of it. The "pecky" or bird's eye figuring is subtle but it classy. Some of the veneers we have here show a rain drop effect similar to pommele figure. This is a great complementary wood to walnut. Imagine doors made from solid walnut stock and a birds eye anigre center panel. That would be gorgeous!

Common Name:
  Anigre, anegre, agnegre, aningeria
Scientific Name:
  Aningeria superba, Aningeria robusta
  Creamy yellow to pale brown
  East and West Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, etc.)
  Moderately soft
  Smooth texture with semi-open pores
  Readily accepts stains and finishes

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